We believe a man has to have a FACEMASK moment in his life before he will decide to change. What is a FACEMASK moment? In a football game, a player gets pulled over to the sideline by the coach who lets him know three things … there is a problem (us/the player), identifying the answer (for us it’s Jesus), and then deciding to change (living by His life). A FACEMASK focuses on those three things.

It is a very powerful and intense event that simply shares truth with men! A FACEMASK event is a proven way to ignite passion and the desire to change in men of all ages.

REUP provides you with all the marketing materials you will need, works with your lay leaders and staff to make sure the event is a success, and brings all the materials and speakers needed for the night.

Contact us now to find out more and get your own FACEMASK scheduled!

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