Church Assessment Survey

Do you believe building MEN would impact your church?(Required)
Do you have a written Men’s Disciple Making Vision and Plan?(Required)
Do you have a way to measure the growth of the MEN in your church?(Required)
Can the men in your church confidently answer the question, “What Is A Biblical Man?”(Required)
Do the MEN in your church have clarity and understanding of where they need to grow in their personal relationship with the Lord?(Required)
Are you providing a structured way for your men to get in God’s word everyday?(Required)
Are your men making disciples who are making disciples?(Required)
Are you creating a consistent environment to mix older men and younger men to invest in each other?(Required)
Would a detailed plan to get men in the word, grow friendships that leads to a disciple making focus benefit your church?(Required)

Level Zero – LOST

  • Some have no desire to be a follower
  • Some have a belief that there is nothing after life
  • Some have never had the Gospel shared with them
  • Some have fallen away from what they thought was a real conversion


  • What has happened to me because of salvation
  • Who is Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit
  • The benefit of regular Bible reading
  • The importance of prayer
  • What is the church
  • To look at their sphere of influence and who is not a Christian


  • Change in lifestyle and behavior
  • Integrated into the life of the church
  • Able to understand basic Christian beliefs
  • Drawn to a love for the Word of God
  • Better understand who they are in Christ through their Spiritual gifts


  • Advancement by using their spiritual gifts and leadership skills and relying on God to use them as HE guides them
  • Investment in others through their growing personal faith in Christ
  • Work with a willingness to serve in areas of ministry
  • Development by learning to engage their culture with the Gospel
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