Tim Brown, Founder

Tim Brown is an author, speaker, disciple-maker and the founder of REUP Mens Movement, a non-profit Christian ministry focused on encouraging, equipping and empowering  men to be who God made them to be in their leadership of their family, church, and community.

REUP has partnered with churches across the country to assist them in building a disciple making culture and has recently launched a movement in Australia. Tim’s resource, IDENTITY: Don’t You Know Who You Are? has been used to transform thousands of men.

Tim has an amazing passion for biblical manhood in our culture, and believes a man’s identity in Christ is the most important truth a man can ever learn. His book God And A Man has had a profound ripple effect in creating a desire for men to learn what is a Biblical man. Tim desires to see the next generations of men grasp who they are in Christ and start kicking the enemy around!

He extends hope and inspiration to guys through the weekly REUP Men’s Podcast centered around practical truths that help men deal with the pain and challenges in our MANDEMIC world.

Tim and REUP believe that the key to transforming the lives of men is helping them learn how to give God time enough so He can teach them enough so they can learn enough to trust Him enough to let Him live His life through them and change the world.

Tim and his wife Mylinda live in Bowling Green, Ky. They have two adult sons and the most amazing four grandkids. Tim and Mylinda love hanging out with and investing in younger men and women. They also love sitting in lounge chairs around their pool or at the beach soaking up each others company!

Tim Brown, Founder of ReUp

Interested in having Tim come and speak?

Tim is available to speak at your church, men’s conference or retreat. He can talk on all topics related to men and can custom-tailor a talk for your specific needs. His most requested topics include:


  • The Heart of a Leader
  • Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah
  • What We Do Is Not Who We Are
  • Asking God To Break Our Hearts


  • What Men are Looking for in the Church Today
  • How to Reach Men Today
  • Engaging and connecting to 20-Something Men
  • Launching a Movement of Fire Teams for Men
  • How to Start a detailed discipleship system for Men in Your Church

For details and scheduling email us at [email protected]

The difference in REUP and other attempts to build men is the structure of getting initial commitments from men and then having a structure to keep men in the structure so God can do what only He can do. The constant focus on taking men to Him and the accountability that is involved creates a belief that there can be excellence in a man’s relationship with the Lord. REUP believes one man pursuing His heart can make a difference.

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