Tim Brown, Founder

For Tim Brown’s entire life, God has placed him in positions that surrounded him with men. From childhood athletics, clerk in a men’s store during the high school and college years, owning his own men’s clothing store, to working for a national custom clothing maker; Tim has spent each day speaking one-on-one with men in our society.

Tim would come home at night after a day spent listening to these men and share with his wife that these men just had no one they could open up to and no brotherhood of men pointing them daily to God’s truths and plans for them. On a consistent basis, grown men would pour out their hearts concerning stresses in their work, worries over family, or fears that life was meaningless.

The final straw was when a man deemed very successful in the world’s eyes sobbed out to Tim that he had no relationship with his wife, his own kids couldn’t stand him, and he had not a single friend to call upon. Something had to be done to try and help these men.

After much prayer, God revealed that as REUP.

Starting with his own group of men and calling it a “Fire Team” to groups of men now meeting all throughout the country, God is at work in men who are seeking to live by HIS life.

Tim is convinced that the most critical need of the church today is men, bold men, men willing to lead their homes and serve the church.

Tim’s passion is leading men into biblical manhood and he has authored a number of Bible studies and his book God And A Man: How God Can Use Any Man To Make A Difference has impacted thousands of men.

Tim Brown, Founder of ReUp

Interested in having Tim come and speak?

Tim is available to speak at your church, men’s conference or retreat. He can talk on all topics related to men and can custom-tailor a talk for your specific needs. His most requested topics include:


  • The Heart of a Leader
  • Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah
  • What We Do Is Not Who We Are
  • Asking God To Break Our Hearts


  • What Men are Looking for in the Church Today
  • How to Reach Men Today
  • Engaging and connecting to 20-Something Men
  • Launching a Movement of Fire Teams for Men
  • How to Start a detailed discipleship system for Men in Your Church

For details and scheduling email us at [email protected]

The difference in REUP and other attempts to build men is the structure of getting initial commitments from men and then having a structure to keep men in the structure so God can do what only He can do. The constant focus on taking men to Him and the accountability that is involved creates a belief that there can be excellence in a man’s relationship with the Lord. REUP believes one man pursuing His heart can make a difference.

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