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Who I Am In Christ

Identity: Who I am in Christ - Living By His Life

Why do so many Jesus followers have difficulty with self-worth, spiritual growth, and Christian maturity? Why do we struggle so much with trying to be good at the things that don’t really matter? How can we stop believing that what we do, how much we have, where we live, who we associate with makes us what we are in the world? That those things are what gives us value? Do you want to be truly free? Do you want to be able to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “Whose am I?”

The Way Forward Cover

We are living in undefined times and there are more hopeless people than any of us could imagine. What is the answer? What is the way forward? What is it that will cause others to see “the rescuer” of their lives? I believe it is a broken heart for what breaks God’s heart! When others see that our hearts are truly broken that they won’t spend an eternity with Jesus, they will listen to our stories of how HE has changed our lives. This study is a tool to help you do just that. To understand why we should ask Him to break our hearts, along with practical ways and tools to assist you in the discovery. My prayer is that you will get to the other side of this study with an energized and refreshed view of God and his desires. This study consists of 5 weeks daily homework along with FREE access to teaching videos for each.

Leading Others With God's Heart

Impact: Leading Others With God's Heart - Living By His Life

We are all leaders. However the condition of our heart will indicate where we are leading others. God is looking for men with character. Men whose hearts are right towards HIM. This 18 week study provides an in-depth look at the life of David and how he went from an unknown shepherd boy to a great king, despite many failures along the way. Each day includes short passages to read along with discussion questions to draw out God’s Truth and life applications. Useful for both individual and group study.

Pouring Your Life Into Another

Involvement: Pouring Your Life Into Another - Living By His Life

Pouring our lives into another is the principle to use for multiplication. Jesus poured His life into twelve men (not the masses) and as a result, the Gospel spread throughout the world. He addressed and taught the multitudes but when it came to being true-­‐life changing disciples, He knew that disciples were made in intense, personal, small settings. There is no magic formula when it comes to pouring your life into another. The goal of discipleship is to lead them to Jesus not to you. We can find many examples of great men from God’s Word doing just that – leading others to Jesus.

A Call To The Wall

Nehemiah A Call to the Wall Study Guides

Nehemiah was an ordinary guy who answered God’s call on his life and who lead a whole city of people to do something that could only be labeled miraculous. This 5 week study (6 days per week) will guide you through God’s Word to see how He will use an ordinary man who is willing to answer “a call” on his life.

Jesus: Our Perfect Sacrifice


The student will study subjects relating to the superiority of grace over Law (for instance, the superiority of Jesus’ priesthood over the priesthood ordained by the Law, the superiority of His sacrifice over the sacrifices offered under the Law, and the superiority of the Tabernacle in heaven over the Tabernacle on earth). This course also covers the topic of Sabbath rest, a rest offered to all who believe.

Navigating Finances God's Way


The Bible contains 2,350 verses about money and possessions and fifteen percent of everything Jesus said had to do with it. This 9-Week Compass Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Financial Discipleship Study focuses on learning Biblical financial principles and practically applying them in our lives. In so doing, Christ-centered leaders are raised up who model handling money from God’s perspective. This includes leading lives of financial faithfulness as financial disciples, growing in generosity and desiring to finish well.

Identity for Young Men

101 - 401 - Living By His Life

This 24 session leader guide is based on the “Identity Who I Am In Christ” published by REUP Men’s Ministry. Each session includes a topic of study with scripture, prayer guide, question and answer segments, hands on activities, and ideas for follow-up.

No Place Like Home - Living By His Life

If tomorrow you woke up and there were no churches, no pastors, or Sunday School teachers; who would teach your children TRUTH? You are intended to be the pastor of your home, but so many of us today don’t have a clue of how to function.

This 2 part study guide written by Bob & Jennifer Hohman of and published by REUP ( is designed to give you the tools you need to lead your children.

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