How Are You Building Men?

A Foundation Gathering can be done using ZOOM conferencing or a video link. This gathering will center around getting a few men to step into REUP’s intentional structure and blaze a trail for other men to follow.

A Foundation Gathering consist of the following:

  • Men who realize the importance of building men.
  • An explanation of The Why and the importance of men embracing the opportunity.
  • Sharing of an intentional structure that educates, encourages, and empowers men.
  • A pathway that moves men through the core levels of discipleship.
  • A detailed truth-filled presentation that calls men to action.
  • How to quickly get started building men.
“I believe that when you look at every major pressing issue in this country,
whether it’s teenage pregnancy, child abuse, drive-by shootings, teenage suicides,
or the divorce rate, and reduce each of these problems down to their lowest
the common denominator, you will find in each one the same root cause. That cause is
a lack of male leadership.”
~ Steve Farrar

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