The Intentional Structure

We believe that the majority of all men fall into three categories:

SITTERS – guys who sit on the side to see what everybody else is going to do
QUITTERS – guys who sign up quickly, but fade away after a short period of time
FORGETTERS – guys who either commit, or mean to commit, but they get busy and then forget

Something is needed to prevent guys from falling into these categories….What?

At ReUp we believe the “WHAT” is an Intentional Structure to keep men involved and committed.

ReUp utilizes Fire Teams to provide men with this intentional structure.


A Fire Team is a group of 5-6 men who meet for an hour to an hour and a half weekly at the time and place of their choosing, to grow together in their walks with Christ. They are accountable to one another to continue pursuit of God’s call to Live By His Life.

Ideally a Fire Team is comprised of men of varying ages, occupations and backgrounds (following scriptural
models established by Paul, Barnabas and Timothy), allowing all men in a group to benefit from the collective experiences of the group.


Fire Teams are a means of serving three key purposes in men’s lives. We have learned that men need to be Educated, Encouraged and Empowered in their walks with Christ. These “3 Es” are critically important for a man’s growth.

Research by Barna tells us that the average Christian spends less than 10 minutes a day reading scripture and praying. We have seen example after example of how the intentional structure of a Fire Team can help men to change this behavior.

****We also provide a very detailed and hands-on support system to keep men focused on the “end in mind”….growing in their walk with Jesus and becoming a difference-maker as he learns to live his life by the life of another—Jesus!

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