“This is an adventure into Christian Brotherhood. Discernment and wisdom through biblical understanding, along with creating a safe harbor for accountability and “true” friendship is the perfect strategy for becoming a man after GOD’s heart. I can see now how Paul and Silas grew in friendship as they sought the LORD during their dangerous mission trips, and why David and Jonathan made a covenant of loyalty to one another. This is just such an adventure! “Finding the way” to get closer to “HIM” during the heat of everyday life with the help of my brothers who let me lean on them when the going gets tough, but who love me enough to lean on me when I’m not tough enough! If David and Paul needed other men to help them understand GOD’s will for “their” lives, then why wouldn’t we? My “FIRE TEAM” makes me strong for the battle and patches me up when I’m wounded. I feel much more confident in the fight, they always remind me that it’s not about me – “its’ all about HIM!”